S3 Provision

At the end of S2, pupils can opt for Graphic Communication or Design and Manufacture in S3 – This has just been introduced this session (2016/2017). Pupils will work through a  range of tasks in each subject that will help them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for senior phase courses.

Design and Manufacture

Pupils are currently working through 2 design tasks and a practical task. The design tasks will follow the same path as the senior phase course. This will give pupils a taste of what the course will be like in senior phase. The design tasks we are currently working on are:

  1. Safari Themed Desk Tidy
  2. Pen Drive Enclosure
  3. Hanging Basket Bracket

Pupils will also do a practical task which will allow them to be assessed purely on their skills and abilities in the workshop using tools and machinery. This session, pupils will be manufacturing a simple desk tidy and will be given the opportunity to design and personalise it for a given brief. Pupils will be taught how to read a technical drawing and interpret it in order to assist them in the manufacture of this product.

Graphic Communication