S3 Provision

At the end of S2, pupils can opt for Graphic Communication, Design and Manufacture or Practical Craft Skills in S3. Pupils will work through a  range of tasks in each subject that will help them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for senior phase courses.

Design and Manufacture

Pupils are currently working through 2 design tasks and a practical task. The design tasks will follow the same path as the senior phase course. This will give pupils a taste of what the course will be like in senior phase.

Pupils will also complete a practical task which will allow them to be assessed purely on their skills and abilities in the workshop using tools and machinery. Pupils will be taught how to read a technical drawing and interpret it in order to assist them in the manufacture of this product.

Graphic Communication

Pupils work on a series of skill building tasks that will prepare them for progression into senior phase. Pupils will become familiar with 3D Modelling terms using Autodesk Inventor, Desktop Publishing elements and principles using Serif PagePlus.  Graphic Communication allows pupils to develop skills in creativty, spatial awareness as well as building problem solving skills. Being able to read, interpret and produce technical drawings is a valuable skill that pupils will learn in Graphic Communication.

Practical Craft Skills

Practical Craft Skills offers pupils the opportunity to build on the practical ability they have established in S1 and S2. Work is carried out purely in the workshop and consists of building the relevant skills and knowledge for progression into our two senior phase practical subjects, Practical Woodworking and Practical Metalworking.

Pupils will demonstrate skills with Flat Frame Construction, Carcase Construction as well as Machining and Finishing within their woodwork focused models. S3 PCS will also build on the metalworking skills pupils have experienced in S2 by introducing sheet metal fabrication and skill building tasks.