Memory Stick enclosure

This challenge provides pupils with the opportunity to further develop their 2D and 3D sketching skills whilst introducing new techniques to render  ideas for a memory stick enclosure using marker pens.  Creativity is fostered as it plays a key role in developing a range of tailored ideas that should be unique to them.  Autodesk inventor is then employed as a tool to create a virtual model of their preferred solution with the option of then extending the activity as far as manufacturing a working prototype by making use of CADCAM technology or the production of a promotional visual in the form of a Desk Top Published document.

pendriveClick the Pendrive to open an example of the core activity booklet.


Clicking here will open an exemplar folio which contains a range of 2D and 3D pencil outline examples of pendrive ideas.  It also demonstrates how you can use marker pens on 2D work in collaboration with black and white pencils to give an almost 3D look to a sketch.  You could print off these ideas and try rendering them for practice.