Building skills in Inventor

A key aspect of the work undertaken with first year pupils is to develop a set of fundamental skills in the use of,  and understanding of 3D modelling software.  We primarily employ Autodesk Inventor 2013 (Which you can download for free for educational use).  Creating models in a 3D environment allows pupil to explore ideas and designs in a way that representing them on paper or 2D CAD packages cannot match.  The pupils make use of on-line tutorials (from 3D made easy) to guide them through the basics and build their confidence and skills in using software that they will revisit time and time again throughout their full school life at Lanark Grammar School.

Once a pupil has been enrolled for the on-line tutorials there is nothing to stop them downloading the software at home and accessing the tutorials from home to make greater progress in becoming proficient in the use of Autodesk Inventor.