Ear Bud Tidy


The ‘ear bud tidy’ is designed to introduce pupils to the world of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture (CADCAM). ┬áPupil are taught the basics of using 2D design software to develop a solution to┬áthe problem of earbuds (in-ear earphones) becoming a tangled mess when carried about in a bag or pocket.

Pupil Creativity is a critical aspect of the Design task as we would expect that each solution should be entirely individual to each pupil.


Pupils have the opportunity to work their way through the design process giving them experience and knowledge which will be further developed in S2/S3 and into the senior phase. Pupils gain knowledge in materials and commercial manufacture as they work their way through research for the task and will learn how to evaluate their work using a structured method which is based on important design factors. Click on the image below to view the folio template used in class to support pupils.

S1 Earbud Tidy Design Folio

Alongside the folio above, pupils are shown a PowerPoint Presentation by their class teacher talking them through the various stages in the design process and the important design factors which sit at the heart of all design projects. The PowerPoint can be accessed through clicking the link below.

S1 Earbud Tidy PowerPoint Presentation