S1 Provision

In S1 pupils attend Technical Education one period a week.  Over the course of the year they will undertake a number of tasks that are built around the experiences and outcomes from CfE and will cover Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics elements.

A large portion of the present course is focused on developing skills in communicating ideas and creative thoughts through sketching and design tasks with the ability to critically evaluate their own and others work also being a key element of the work we undertake.

Pupils will also have the opportunity to experience manufacturing tasks employing both traditional tools and equipment as well as making use of modern Computer Aided Manufacturing resources.

We make use of 3D modelling software across all year groups in Technical education and one of the first programs we introduce them to is ‘Google sketchup’.  This software is free to download and make use of at home and pupils really enjoy the experience of building virtual items, so why not Download Sketchup and see how easy it is to get into 3D virtual modelling.