The Department

Welcome to Lanark Grammar Schools Technical Education Blog.

Here, you will find a range of resources which we use during lessons to support learning and teaching. However, you will also find homework help, study materials and web links which will allow you to access a range of online tools.

Technical Education currently delivers 4 certificated subjects to senior phase pupils:

  • Graphic Communication (National 4-Higher)
  • Design and Manufacture (National 4-Higher)
  • Practical Woodworking (National 4-5)
  • Practical Metalworking (National 4 and 5), S5 and S6 students only

We also deliver a Broad General Education (BGE) from S1-S3. However at the end of S2, pupils can opt for either Graphic Communication or Design and Manufacture giving them the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of a specific element of Technical Education.

Currently, the Technical department at Lanark Grammar School consists of 5 staff:

  • Mr Brownrigg is Faculty Head of Technical Education, Business Education and Computing Science.  He is passionate about all things technical (especially if it has 2 wheels and an engine), and is driving forward the use of Computer Aided Manufacture in the department.  He is currently introducing Practical Metalworking as  an option for Senior Phase pupils.
  • Miss Reid is our youngest member of the department (and she often reminds us of this).  Small in stature but BIG with ideas! This year she is leading the way with Design and manufacture.  She is always ready to tackle any challenge in a typically technical problem solving fashion… Oh, and she has a ‘thing’ about handbags?!
  • Mr Blackwood is our ‘sportiest’ member of staff in the department and brings a whole range of skills and talents this year focusing on Graphic Communication and Practical Woodworking.  His ability to perform cartwheels and dubious sense of humour are also listed as talents (by him).
  • Mr Dempsey is our most recent addition to the departmental team, His skills are being spread across Design and Manufacture, and Practical Woodworking this year.   He is a young guy (though not as young as Ms Reid)  who is into modern technology, old cars and ‘big quiffs!’
  • Mr Kennedy is our Technician support who keeps everything ticking over.  He is the human equivalent of a Swiss army knife – equipped to deal with every eventuality.