National 5

National 4/5 Design and Manufacture Theory notes and homework activities

This document provides invaluable assistance in supporting you gain the knowledge and understanding required to complete the Design and Manufacture course at both National 4 and 5.  It is the document that will be used both for homework activities and as the basis for exam preparation and study. Clicking the banner below will open the document up.

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National 5 Design and Manufacture support book

This document provides broad ranging support to assist you as you work through the main assessment task in Design and manufacture.  It provides direct support and guidance as to what is expected from you as well as exemplifying the standard of work required. Clicking the banner below will open the document up.

Design and Manufacture support book

Designing packaging for an Isotonic sports drink

This activity introduces pupils to the notion of designing with a purpose.  The brief and task are set in such a way that allows the pupils to explore a specific idea generation technique and develop skills in representing items in 2D and 3D using a variety of media.  Interrogating their ideas and annotating sketches is a strong focus within the task. Finally virtual modelling in Autodesk inventor also provides a means to explore the form of their prototype as well as an avenue to physically model their prototype by employing the use of the 3D printer in the department.

CLICK HERE to see a copy of the initial brief, CLICK HERE to see an exemplar folio extract and CLICK HERE to see an image of the 3D printed model.

The Lamp Task

The lamp task is based on an SQA assessment and provides an opportunity for evidence to be gathered to support key assessment standards from both the Design unit and the Materials and manufacturing unit.  You are required to produce a range of ideas for a lamp that must incorporate plastic as one of the key materials through the application of an idea generation technique.  The lamp should be based on the theme of either ‘Nature’ or ‘The built environment’.  The lamp design will be physically modelled using an appropriate material before developing a plan for manufacture and constructing a functional prototype.  The final stage of the task is to evaluate the design.

CLICK HERE to View a copy of the Lamp overview sheet.

CLICK HERE to view a exemplar lamp task extract.