Ergonomics and Anthropometrics


These are key Design Factors that need to be considered for any design that you undertake involving people as end users.  Ergonomics explores the relationship between people and their environment, ensuring designed solutions are as well suited to the users as possible.  Anthropometrics is concerned with the average size, strength, weight, etc of different groups of people.  This can vary dependent on age, gender and ethnicity. A knowledge of these areas of study is also essential for tackling questions that are likely to present themselves in the Design and Manufacture exam.  The video below will provide you with all the background info you are likely to need.

 Revision Questions

The questions below are lifted / adapted from SQA past papers and are a very good indicator of the standard of question you could be expected to answer in an exam.  They may be used as homework or in preparation for your exams.


Describe three ways in which the design of the activity toy shown has been influenced by ergonomics.




Describe how the design of the toaster shown here has been influenced by ergonomics.