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Free software to support home learning


Throughout pupils’ experience of Technical Education at Lanark Grammar School we will consistently make use of 3D modelling software as a means of exploring graphical representation, developing design ideas, creating virtual models and interfacing with Computer Aided Manufacturing equipment.

The software that we make most use of is Autodesk Inventor 2013.  Autodesk now makes all of it’s software free to use for educational purposes which means that you are able to download the full version of the software we use in school for free to support learning at home.  If you want to do this clicking on the autodesk inventor professional image below will take you to the student site where you can beging the process of registering as a student and downloading the program.  Just make sure that you select INVENTOR 2013 so that you end up with the same version as the one we run in school!

inventor banner

We also make use of Google sketchup with lower school pupils.  This is ‘lighter weight’  3D modelling package, easier and quicker to get started with than inventor 2013.  It is also free to download and make use of at home (and it takes up a lot less hard drive space than inventor 2013).  If you click the linked image below it will whisk you off to the appropriate download page.

sketchup banner

Technical Department blog unveiled to S1 parents

Tonight this blog will be unveiled to S1 parents who are attending our S1 parents open evening.  This is a chance to showcase what we do with our S1 provision as well as demonstrate how parents can support their children through home learning experiences.  Obviously our blog has a huge potential role to play in bridging school experience and home learning experiences and hopefully the parents who visit tonight will take away an informed and enthusiastic opinion of how we can work together to bring about the best possible experience for the youngsters at Lanark Grammar.

Young Engineers tackle major challange

A group of 4th and 5th year pupils have embarked upon a major competition.  They have to design and manufacture a working water pump ahead of it being judged at a Young Engineers and Science clubs showcase event in Edinburgh in early June.  The team must make at least 80 % of their solution by creating it in 3D modeling software and then sending it to the 3D printer for manufacturing.

So far the team has conducted a load of research and have now started designing elements of their solution. They have printed out their first attempt at designing an impeller that will drive the water through the pump.

This is a really tough challenge and the team are doing well to have made such progress so quickly.  Well done team, keep it going and we will keep  everyone posted on developments as they happen.

Laser cutter arrival

It’s arrived!  The big red box on wheels that you might have seen in room C004 is our new laser cutter.  We will be reviewing our courses across the Technical curriculum to see how we can make as much use of CADCAM  equipment as possible.

We are also soon to take delivery of a cutter plotter and a 3D printer to support the ongoing review and development of all areas of the Technical Ed curriculum.

If you have any ideas about what we might include as we move forward please come and speak to Mr Brownrigg.

CADCAM equipment

Great news.  We are hoping to purchase some CADCAM equipment in the near future!  With a bit of luck the Technical department will become the proud owners of a laser cutter and vinyl cutter plotter in the near future. This will open up a whole new range of experiences for pupils in the department! Keep an eye on the blog for future updates.