Free software to support home learning


Throughout pupils’ experience of Technical Education at Lanark Grammar School we will consistently make use of 3D modelling software as a means of exploring graphical representation, developing design ideas, creating virtual models and interfacing with Computer Aided Manufacturing equipment.

The software that we make most use of is Autodesk Inventor 2013.  Autodesk now makes all of it’s software free to use for educational purposes which means that you are able to download the full version of the software we use in school for free to support learning at home.  If you want to do this clicking on the autodesk inventor professional image below will take you to the student site where you can beging the process of registering as a student and downloading the program.  Just make sure that you select INVENTOR 2013 so that you end up with the same version as the one we run in school!

inventor banner

We also make use of Google sketchup with lower school pupils.  This is ‘lighter weight’  3D modelling package, easier and quicker to get started with than inventor 2013.  It is also free to download and make use of at home (and it takes up a lot less hard drive space than inventor 2013).  If you click the linked image below it will whisk you off to the appropriate download page.

sketchup banner